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  • Launching A New Series

    Launching A New Series

    Properly launching a new teaching series can be a great tool for class growth. Here are a few ideas. Prayerfully select the new series. I teach a young couples class and whenever I teach a series on marriage or parenting, it really resonates with our class. Pray about what your class needs and what will […]

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  • Care Group Fellowship Night

    Care Group Fellowship Night

    Here at Lancaster Baptist Church we like to set aside two Sunday nights a year (one in the spring and one in the fall) to have a special time of fellowship during what we call a “Care Group Fellowship Night.” A care group is a smaller group of people within each adult Bible fellowship or […]

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  • How to Have a Special Day in Your Sunday School Class

    How to Have a Special Day in Your Sunday School Class

    Most people are somehow under the impression that special days in a church just happen and that the preparation comes together on its own. Having a special day of any kind takes hard work and much preparation if it is to be effective. Here at Lancaster Baptist Church, we have several “special” days throughout the […]

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  • Weekly Snapshots

    Weekly Snapshots

    Years ago when I was just starting out in teaching an adult Bible class, I was asking an experienced pastor about his follow up practices for his class as I was trying to develop my own follow up routines. I am definitely still learning but I wanted to share some habits I have developed that […]

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  • The Autopsy of a Deceased Class

    The Autopsy of a Deceased Class

    If we could read the autopsy report of a deceased class, I believe we would discover several reasons why the class took its last breath. Here are 10 reasons classes decline and ultimately die. They forgot their mission The autopsy would reveal the fact that the class had been operating in neglect of its purpose. […]

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